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Hi I'm Shanna!


I started my photography journey on analog film, in 1998, giving me a perspective that I believe can be lost with digital cameras. Every shot mattered. I learned on the principle that creating an amazing photograph was worth taking time to make it amazing – not just firing off a bunch of clicks and hoping it happened.  I carry that frame of thinking with me to this day. ​After several years as a hobbyist photographer, I began shooting sessions for other people around 2006. Today, I shoot select clientele for family portraits, branding portraits, senior portraits.


I much prefer the look, feel, and romance of film, especially for portraits.  When I shoot your session on film, I handle every single aspect of creating your stunning portrait.  There are several artistic (and scientific!) aspects of using film.  From the film stock, camera settings, development chemistry and process, to the scanning and printing selections.  EVERY ASPECT of your session is handled in house - with select printing options handled by an established, skilled, professional print lab.  Trust me.  This is an in-depth process and I LOVE EVERY SINGLE SECOND of creating your portrait.


I spent several years studying posing under a world renowned portrait photographer.  My focus was learning to pose women.  Confidently.  I don’t know about you, but I can be really nit-picky about photos of myself.  I have to remind myself to love who I am, and to see that in my photos.  I want you to see all your loveableness in your photos too.


Let’s get you the best photos you’ve ever seen of yourself!   

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